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For the past decade, I’ve honed my animation expertise in directing, supervising, and leading projects at industry leaders like Buck, Possible, Nickelodeon. This reel showcases that experience.

League of Legends Worlds Opening Ceremony 2021
Nickelodeon’s Big Nate
Amazon Lips
Buck Social Media
League of Legends Worlds Opening Ceremony 2019

CG Animators:
Christopher Meek, Hillary McCarthy, Josh Baum, Peter DeSalvo, Laura Koval, John Fielding, Tyler Mahn, Adam Webber, Tyler Lancaster, Adrian Lim, Remy Comtois, BenoƮt Gautier, Tiffany Lui, Cecilia Nguyen, Bill Rodgers, Song E Kim, Elizabeth Golan, Jaime Mora, James Lane, Xentrix, and me.